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About us

We’ve watched you wrestle between the dream to own a site and the practicality of watching over it from afar. At Land Watchman Technologies Pvt. Ltd., we decided to help. We have created a technology enabled, boutique Asset/Property management system that hones in on your needs and takes away your worries.

Land Watchman Technologies brings together Management and Technology to monitor and maintain properties at select, and in-demand locations all over India. Our team consists of proficient and experienced managers and well-trained professionals and personnel that have expertise in the areas of Real estate, Construction, Engineering, Facility management, and Technology development who are at your service to meet your requirements.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to set a benchmark for technology enabled Asset/Property management and exceed our client’s expectations at every stage.

We will deliver top notch systems, practices and strategies, and be persistent in our pursuit of innovation and difference.

We will provide industry-leading value by collaborating with people who have the courage to veer away from established models and implement cutting-edge ideas in an environment pulsing with discovery, achievement and originality.


Our employees take a customer-centric approach in carrying out their responsibilities. We are driven by a desire to give our customers a positive experience. We believe that customer feedback must play a pivotal role in our work and earning the trust of our customers has always been the creed we live by. This has helped maintain enduring relationships which in turn, have contributed to our success.

Core Values

Our elite and major goal is to gain the trust of our customers, which has been crucial in maintaining an enduring relationship with them. Uprightness and morality are values that we strive to uphold by and this has been a major contributor to our triumph.

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