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How It Works

LandWatchman Technologies Pvt. Ltd handles both routine operations and maintenance of vacant sites or agricultural properties. How do you get on board?

  • Now that you’ve logged in to our site, you can register single or multiple sites with us with minimal fuss. We require only the …
  • Once registration is complete, choose the plan that meets your needs or request a quote for other properties you may have in mind
  • The next step is onboarding. Here, we would require either you or a representative to accompany our team to the property in question as a preliminary step before we take over your responsibilities. At this point, we will clean the site, mark boundaries and geo tag your property so that you can keep a watchful eye on it from afar. Property photos / videos are uploaded to the cloud for easy access on dashboard and mobile app.
  • Our executive will thenceforth visit the property every month for inspection. You will receive a monthly notification on your registered email / whatsapp and all details will be displayed on your dashboard.


Register single or multiple properties on login


Choose the suitable plan for your vacant site or request a quote for other properties


Site cleaning, boundary marking & geo tagging of your property

What You Get


Property photos / videos uploaded to the cloud for easy access on dashboard and mobile app


Auto monthly notification on registered email / whatsapp, details display on dashboard/mobileapp


Visit to your property by our executive for monthly inspection & notification


Additional services for your site can be provided on request

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