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General Terms and Conditions


  1. Land Watchman Technologies Pvt Ltd trading as “Land watchman technologies’ ‘ , the user of these general terms and conditions, with registered office in No. 31, Veersagara, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560064.
  2. Client/customer: the natural or legal person with whom Land Watchman technologies has entered into agreement or with whom it intends to do so.
  3. Agreement: any agreement between Land Watchman Technologies and a client in which Land Watchman Technologies undertakes to carry out activities/provision of services.
  4. Services/activities: the activities to be carried out and/or services to be provided by Land Watchman Technologies as stipulated by the agreement, including site visit services, administrative, financial and/or technical management activities, in the broadest sense of the word.
  5. Written: both traditional forms of written communication as well as email. (For reference of any client the traditional form of written would be procured in the registered office)

Terms and Conditions

  1. Land Watchman Technologies quotations based on incomplete or incorrect details furnished by the client shall not entitle the client to derive any rights therefrom.
  2. In case of misrepresentation or any litigation of the property, the contract shall be cancelled and 50% of the total amount paid shall be forfeited.
  3. Land Watchman Technologies shall never be obliged to fulfil obligations in respect of the client, which do not expressly ensue from the agreement between Land Watchman Technologies and the client.
  4. The company doesn’t accept payments in cash. Customers are hereby advised to refrain from making any cash payments in any form whatsoever to any representatives, officers, employees,agents, vendors or contractors of the company unless specifically communicated in writing by the authorized representatives of the company.
  5. The customers are encouraged to bring to the notice of the company any and all acts contravention of the foregoing.
  6. The client shall facilitate the exact location of the property in person or through his authorised representative for the first time after on-boarding with Land watchman technologies.
  7. The basic unit/on-boarding price quoted is subject to the package that customers choose. Further, the offer made by the company is revocable or differ depending on the package customers opt/select at the time of onboarding to executions of a definitive/final agreement.
  8. The site/property cleaning mentioned in the package includes removing of the vegetation within the boundaries marked. It is exclusive of demolition of existing building/civil structures, clearing debris and cutting of trees. These services can be availed as the Add-on Services, which would be chargeable on actuals.
  9. The Add-on services like new electricity connection and water connection are subjected to jurisdictional regulations.
  10. The client hereby accepts the possibility of additional activities, which includes changes in rates and period of execution. If additional work is required, then Land Watchman Technologies is entitled to delay carrying out such activities until such time as the client has agreed to the additional costs and conditions, including the time to be decided then regarding when the activities/services shall be carried out. Failure to carry out or a delay in carrying out additional activities shall not constitute default on the part of Land Watchman Technologies.
  11. Price, terms and conditions stated here are merely indicative and are subject to change without prior notice. Hereby, Clients/customers are responsible for periodical checks on the Price, Terms and conditions.
  12. Timely payments is the ethos of this contract. Any delay in payment for renewal shall attract the risk of cancellation of the contract.
  13. In case of cancellation on or after 15 days of the on-boarding/payment made by the client. The 50% of the Total amount paid shall be forfeited, in addition to the cost of travel for the site visit.
  14. A complaint shall constitute as detailed as possible a description of the default, allowing Land Watchman Technologies to respond adequately. If a complaint is well founded, Land Watchman Technologies shall endeavour to resolve the complaint and, where relevant and required, as yet carry out the activities/services in a proper manner.
  15. The contract shall be done only in the favour of the Property/Land owner and not on any third party representing the Owner.
  16. Any legal disputes that need to be handled in the course of the services shall not be the part of the package and shall be charged on actuals.
  17. These terms will be governed in accordance with the Laws of India and will be subject to the Jurisdiction of courts in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

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