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Who We Serve

LandWatchman Technologies Pvt Ltd provides full-service property management services for vacant sites and agricultural land. We understand that our clients would much rather be “Property Investors” or “Property Owners” rather than “Property Managers,” so they can have that leisure time for their personal lives. From our custom e-reports to our detailed inspection systems, LandWatchman  cares for your property as if it were our own.

Our numerous software programs were designed to be fully consolidated with the various roles of a professional property management. Our ongoing training and education has one goal – to ensure that our personnel can effectively and efficiently serve our clients at all times.

Individual Site Owner

Our completely web-based system allows owners 24/7 access to their dashboard and apps for customized property management reports that provide analytical data such as property photos, maintenance status of the property and other key wellness indicators on properties. Clients can reduce time spent managing multiple properties across several geographical regions and improve operational efficiency.

Agricultural Land Owner

Apart from the dashboard and the customized property management reports that provide analytical data such as videos of the property, additional services like fencing of the property, planting, operation and maintenance, drilling of bore wells, construction of farm house, swimming pools and other requirements will be taken care of at additional cost.

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